Marc Sadil

Marc Sadil


Hi, thanks for taking the time to check my profile.

A little bit about my background. I am a 3rd generation real estate agent, I started my real estate journey in 1979 , that's over 41 years now.\

I also have had other business interests over the years to compliment my career.  I became a licensed agent in 1984. I became an auctioneer in the early 90s and eventually I was awarded REI Auctioneer of the year.

My grandfather was a good estate agent in Sydney's eastern suburbs, he was offered a partnership with LJH, Pop thought the guy was a bit dodgy so he passed. Never regretted it.

My father was a very successful agent here in Canberra and was probably the highest selling residential agent in the sixties and seventies. He also sold many of the embassies and most of the pubs in Canberra and Queanbeyan.

My two brothers are successful agents and my youngest daughter is an excellent property manager.

The family business turned 50 in 2019. 

I have sold thousands of properties and been involved in over 10,000 real estate transactions, I'm sounding old here! I'm only 62.

 My clients have included , Thousands of Families , A.C.T Housing, Defence Housing Authority, ANU Housing, The  4 big banks, The Public Trustee. ( notice which one I mentioned first?)  Priorities!

 I learnt my best real estate advice early, "Don't try to be a salesman , just tell the truth, then you don't have to remember the lies!" Best advice ever.

I always put my clients interests first, that is my job. I will do the best for my client each and  every time. I am not money driven, I need to eat but money is not my main focus.  I don't want to be the agent with 30 listings. They cannot provide the service your property deserves. 

I want to be the guy that you say about " he was really nice, really professional,did a great job and we want to invite him to the house warming party."

I have two beautiful adult daughters, wonderful friends and family. I enjoy my business, my garden and I have recently got back into my artwork. I believe in a balanced lifestyle, keeping physically and mentally fit.

I am a property investor and I study the market. I never think I know it all, I am a student for life and I am always willing to try new strategies in business as well as personal life.

Sounds like an ad in the personals, anyway I've written enough!

If I can be of service or if you just need a bit of advice give me a call or send me an email. 

Thanks for reading.